Butter on the Counter – Is It Safe?

I think we can all – or at least most of us – agree that everything is better with butter. If you are in the “yay for butter” camp, listen up buttercup because this butter blog was written just for you!

We all like spreadable butter, right? I mean, who doesn’t prefer soft, creamy butter to a hard pat of butter that tends to rip and tear at your toast? So, is it safe to leave your butter out on the counter instead of storing it in the refrigerator? The simple answer is, “pretty much,” and here’s why…

First of all, refrigeration will extend the shelf-life of your butter, hands-down. However, butter is a unique member of the dairy family, as it has a very high fat content and the rest of it is mostly water. That may sound gross, but the result is a good one for soft butter lovers. The “interesting” content of butter makes it less likely to support the bacteria growth often sustained by its more delicate dairy siblings. The end result is that it won’t spoil as quickly. Salt further lowers the chance that your butter will go bad when left unrefrigerated.

That being said, moderation is the key and there are some things you will want to steer clear of when you leave your butter on the counter. First, it’s best to leave whipped and unsalted butter in the refrigerator since they aren’t quite as hearty as salted butter. You also want to avoid exposing your butter to light, heat and oxygen as much as possible. So, if you keep your house over 75 degrees or so, you may want to opt for refrigerated butter. Additionally, for safety sake, keep your butter away from the stove and store it in an airtight, opaque container.

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