Butter Dishes Preserve the Flavor of Your Butter

Fresh, warm biscuits dripping with melted butter…perfect for dipping your lobster…bountiful at breakfast…Sweet, creamy, rich butter…who doesn’t love it?

It’s in so many of the baked items we love, it sautees deliciously and greases our pans. We wouldn’t want to lose any of that scrumptious goodness. So, be careful – butter can soak up the odors from nearby foods. It can also turn rancid with exposure to air.

Store butter away from foods with strong odors. Try not to buy too much butter so that you use it while it is freshest. If you do happen upon a butter sale that you simply cannot pass up, you can freeze your excess butter.

But one of the best ways to preserve the flavor of your butter is by using a butter dish. Airtight butter dishes can keep other flavors from mingling with your butter and aid in maintaining its freshness. Butter dishes come in a variety of styles. There are stoneware and porcelain butter keepers and plastic or glass butter dishes.

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