Butter Dish, a History

Originally used to keep butter cool in the absence of refrigerators, butter dishes have always been
pretty as well as useful. One eloquent way butter was served in the 18 th century was in silver shell butter
dishes modeled after scallop shells and adorned with two or three tiny “ball feet”. Back in the day,
butter came in molded rounds, so simply placing them on a small dish for serving purposes also sufficed.
As time progressed and people came up with better ways to get things done, butter was machined into
sticks and the shape of our butter dishes changed. Today we mostly use our butter dishes for
refrigerator storage and as a resting place atop our dining tables for our sticks, pats and delicate scrolls
of butter.
Modern butter dishes can come with a slot for a butter spreader or be suspended over ice chips to keep
our butter cool; and they can be found in a variety of materials, like glass, plastic, china, crystal, ceramic,
pottery, etc. There are also French butter dishes which are typically crafted from clay. These innovative
butter dishes come in two pieces – a base that holds water and a cup where your butter rests and which
can also double as a lid. The water creates an airtight seal so butter remains cool, fresh and spreadable.
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