Bread Baskets Are Great for Catching Crumbs…and More!

Don’t get yourself in a crumby situation! The bread basket – one of the most useful kitchen implements
– is great for keeping crumbs at bay and a whole bunch of other things. Here are a baker’s dozen uses for
bread baskets…aside from catching crumbs:
Bread baskets were originally designed to distribute bread to shops. They are the perfect containers to
hold and carry confectionery items such as buns, muffins, pastries and hot, steaming loaves of bread.
They are also great to give as gifts alone or filled with coffees for coffee lovers, cinnamon buns and
homemade jams for breakfast lovers or a few good paperbacks for your favorite reader. Line them with
a lovely napkin and they are a wonderful host or hostess gift.
Bread baskets can be used to enhance home décor or make the holidays more festive by filling them
with Christmas cookies, holiday decorations or Easter eggs. If your job is to make the dinner rolls for
Thanksgiving, transport your tasty treats in a bread basket.
Bread baskets are also a great baking tool. Ever wonder how bakers get that perfectly round loaf with
pretty little ridges in it? Round bread baskets can be used to get that perfectly round shape and
People even eat them! There are tons of easy recipes you can find online for braided edible bread
baskets you can fill with cheese and grapes. It’s a marvelous conversation starter at any party.
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