The Best Tea Infusers at Houseware Warehouse

Tea can induce sleep, reduce stress, release antioxidants to help prevent disease, promote digestion and metabolize fats. It also contains vitamins which promote health and help to maintain healthy skin, teeth and bones. Tea has been a treasured elixir for thousands of years…and even more beneficial when it comes in the form of fresh, loose leaves.

Reusable strainers/steepers, commonly referred to as tea infusers, can help unlock the rich aroma and flavor of loose tea, resulting in a flavorful, premium brew. The best place to shop for a wide array of tea infusers that are both affordable and high quality is Houseware Warehouse – America’s leading provider of online kitchen supplies.

Houseware Warehouse offers an impressive range of tea infusers, including round and oval mesh and non-mesh traditional tea infusers and tea infuser spoons made of stainless steel for long-lasting durability. These are all easy to clean and provide great, debris-free filtration. Houseware Warehouse also offers the Healthy Steps Total Tea Infuser, which is dishwasher safe and cleverly designed to hold loose or bagged tea in a spoon with a mesh cover. This unique tea infuser includes a built-in plunger which enables the user to press the tea and release even more flavor. Additionally, Houseware Warehouse is currently holding a sale on its Jarware Tea Infuser for mason jar tea.

Infuse your life with some great kitchen chi! Visit to shop for your tea infuser and anything else you could possibly need to thoroughly and perfectly outfit your kitchen.