Best Breakfast Gadgets from Houseware Warehouse

Are you the type of person who would much prefer to pair bacon with anything on the planet, than to pair your favorite sparkly Riesling with some delicious, dark, Belgian chocolate? Is Aunt Jemima one of your favorite people? Does a great cup of coffee get your morning juices flowing? Does your mouth actually water when you imagine a warm, flaky croissant stuffed with an egg, sausage and oozing with gooey cheese? Hey all you breakfast lovers…this blog is written especially for you! 

Gear up to get your happy dance jig on because you can get everything you need to affordably create the breakfast of your dreams at America’s leading kitchen product supplier – Houseware Warehouse. Let’s whet your appetite…

For some of us, it’s all about the pork products, so you just may need a pig shaped metal bacon press or a silicone, piggy bacon grease holder. Like things juicy? Houseware Warehouse juicers come in all shapes and sizes. Coffee junkies can get their fix with a Proctor Silex Coffee Grinder, microwave coffee brewers, various sized espresso makers or a French press. Batter up, pancake aficionados! You can find syrup and pancake batter dispensers at Houseware Warehouse too. If you are busy and prefer breakfast on the go, there is even the Bacon and Egg Ease Cooker for quick breakfast sandwiches or breakfast for one. 

Don’t fret if I haven’t happened to mention the particular breakfast item you desire most. Houseware Warehouse has it all – from toaster tongs, to egg poachers, skillets and more. So click on over to, and feed those breakfast cravings!