Benefits of Buying Local

It is extremely important to support local business. There is a profound economic impact of keeping money in town. The fate of many communities around the nation and the world increasingly depend upon it. The disappearance of local business is detrimental to the economy on so many levels…

One of the worst results of decreased local business is that it ultimately costs the taxpayer more. Local businesses help to support the local business community by retaining the services of local computer consultants, advertising agencies, insurance companies, accountants, attorneys and more – further perpetuating local economic solvency. Local businesses also help to ensure choice and diversity with competing goods and services. Supporting local businesses promotes local self-reliance and helps maintain community character. How many big chains do you see giving back to their local community or playing a key role in local government? Additionally, support of local business enhances the “velocity” of money circulation, and the more hands that money passes through, the more people benefit.

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