The Benefits of Non Stick Cookware

The Benefits of Non-Stick Cookware

The basic definition of non-stick cookware is a vessel for cooking or baking with a finish designed to prevent food from sticking…which is always a good thing. Non-stick cookware has become very popular for a wide variety of reasons.

It is generally made of aluminum, so it is less expensive than copper or steel, for example. When using non-stick cookware, food doesn’t stick, so it burns far less easily than with traditional cooking materials. It’s great to use for cooking fried or breaded items, because they are less apt to break or fall apart. Non-stick is also terrific for inexperienced cooks or busy cooks with many distractions…once again, to avoid burning a meal.

There are also fabulous health benefits to using non-stick cookware. Gone is the need for huge amounts of butter or cooking oil because non-stick cookware requires less fat to prevent sticking…ultimately leading to healthier meals. Did you know that just one cup of oil contains over 1900 calories and butter over 1600? By cutting down on the use of just those two fats, you have reduced your daily calorie intake by hundreds of calories, not to mention the fact that you are improving your cholesterol and avoiding clogged arteries!