Basics You Should Have in Your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, there are certain items you just can’t do without. Here is a list of the basics you need in your kitchen…

Let’s start with a chef’s knife, which is always essential. You will also need a cutting board, of course.

When it comes to pans, your kitchen should be stocked with a non-stick pan for lightweight, easy frying and sautéing and a cast iron skillet, which offers the versatility of even stovetop cooking, as well as baking and broiling right in your oven!

A whisk will help you whip up the fluffiest frittatas and pancakes, as well as mix your dry ingredients; and a baking spatula will serve you well when it comes to folding and scraping the sides of your mixing bowls and food processor. Make it silicone and it will be heat resistant too!

You’ll need a large pot for boiling potatoes and pasta and a slotted spoon for extracting those potatoes and noodles once they are done.

Cookies and freezer snacks scream for a sheet pan; and a 13×9 baking dish will accommodate everything from lasagna, to casseroles, to sheet cake.

Use a colander for draining those lasagna noodles and washing and draining your fruits and veggies.

You’ll want a thermometer to check the temperature of certain meats and for making candy.

Get some kitchen shears for opening packages, trimming everything from fat on meat to your herbs; a grater for shredding cheese and carrots; and a microplane for zesting.

Tongs and sturdy spatulas are excellent for flipping and serving. Plus, mixing bowls are great for prepping just about everything!

It may seem like a lot, but it actually just scratches the surface. The good news is that Houseware Warehouse has everything from the most basic kitchen supplies to the most unique, innovative kitchen implements on the market. Just visit!

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