Bakeware: Glass, Metal or Non-Stick

Cobbler bubbling with blueberry goodness, your grandma’s biscuit recipe, classic tiramisu…what would
you trust your most prized baked items to?

Glass, metal or non-stick bakeware…that is the question. And really, it depends on your preferences and
needs. There are some “clear” benefits to using glass bakeware. For one, it is non-toxic, and for two, it is
dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean. It also doesn’t release or absorb elements into or from food, so it
is great for anything with eggs or acidic items. Glass bakeware does take a little longer to heat than
metal pans, but it retains heat longer. So, if your oven temperature fluctuates, your food temperature
inside that glass pan won’t!

Metal pans are better for beautifully browning baked goods and for broiling. You just can’t broil with a
glass pan. And aside from the terrific easy-to- clean aspect of non-stick bakeware, non-stick pans
distribute heat in a uniform manner and they allow you to cook without oil if you so desire.

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