Avoid a Mess in the Microwave with a Splatter Screen

Let’s discuss the ever-pressing splatter matter…Ever want to use a putty knife on that hard, crusty spaghetti sauce that is stuck to the walls of your microwave? Does your microwave go from pristine clean to disgustingly dirty every time your teenager touches it? Tired of cleaning up “explosions” in your microwave?

Yeah, everyone goes through the microwave woes, but the good news is that you don’t have to muddle through those microwave messes anymore! The splatter screen is here! No more scraping off baked on, caked on globs of who knows what!

Ever cover up your breakfast sausage with that mesh screen cover when it starts to sizzle? The microwave splatter screen works much like that premise. Simply place the plastic screen over whatever you plan to cook and voila – no more mess! Microwave splatter screens also come in a handy dandy plate cover style for easy leftover warm-ups.

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