Attention Restaurant Owners: Save Money by Shopping at Houseware Warehouse!

Want to know one of the best kept secrets of restaurant owners, bar managers and other food and
beverage industry entrepreneurs? They shop at Houseware Warehouse for quality, cost-effective
kitchen and bar supplies!
During these tumultuous times, anyway you can save money in business is a huge help; and Houseware
Warehouse offers tons of ways to save! Bars can use everything from corkscrews, to colorful flex straws
and cocktail shakers. Then, top it off with bottle toppers, seals and wine corkers!
Any way you slice it, managers in the food service industry come out winners too! Houseware
Warehouse carries wavy and spiral veggie slicers, meat grinders, chef knives, filet knives, pairing knives,
zesters, cheese planes and herb mills.
Looking for some awesome perks for your fancy coffee drinkers…like coffee grinders, milk frothers and
espresso and cappuccino machines? You can find it all at Houseware Warehouse. You can also uncover a
nice selection of pizza stones and peels, bread warmers and a host of baking tools at
Caterers can benefit as well with a wide array of helpful cookware and serving items, such as steam
tables, prep bowls, cutting boards, all types of coasters, utensils, cake decorating kits, springform pans,
cake pans, pie pans, sautee pans, cast iron skillets, storage containers, containers for transporting
various food items and so much more.
And don’t forget to check out the closeouts for sale items with even deeper discounts!

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