Attention Flea Market Vendors: Cash in on Housewares

Attention Flea Market Vendors: Cash in on Housewares

How can you become a successful flea market vendor? You have to ask yourself what shoppers want, like and need most. Take housewares for example…everyone needs housewares, and they are even more enticing when they are top notch items at an affordable price point or the latest innovations.

Houseware Warehouse can help. We provide anything anyone could ever want for a perfectly stocked kitchen. Houseware Warehouse offers everything from cookware to cutlery, electric appliances, spices, decorative ceramics and so much more! Based in Edgewater, Florida, Houseware Warehouse is America’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler. Large, varied inventory; fast, reliable shipping; and the most cost effective pricing in the industry make Houseware Warehouse the go-to supplier for any kitchen needs.

Here are some Houseware Warehouse tips for starting a profitable flea market business:

-When choosing a flea market, pay attention to detail – traffic flow, number of vendors, flea market appearance and booth cost.

-Be flexible on the kitchen supply items you offer for sale. Shift with seasons and item popularity.

-Remember, repeat customers are priceless. Consider giving them a coupon for a certain percentage off their next houseware purchase.

At Houseware Warehouse, our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help you make the best buying decisions for your business venture. Call 800-868-1234 for your personal consultation or visit to access our online catalog.