Are Placemats Still a Thing? Yes!

If you are wondering if placemats are still a thing, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Placemats will never go out of style.

Placemats definitely fill a decorative purpose. They can add a pop of pizazz and match a room to any mood, from bright, fun colors for a celebratory party feel, to gold or black elegance and everything in between – like cheery yellow to welcome summer and soft blues to dull the harsh edge of winter. There are predatory cat patterns and tropical and holiday themes…so many choices, so little time. 

Placemats come in all shapes, sizes and materials from bamboo to cloth too, but aesthetics aren’t their only appeal. Placemats are unbelievably convenient! Consider placemats versus a table cloth. If a guest spills his wine on your tablecloth, you have a really big item to clean AND you have to wait (while the wine sets) to clean it until the meal is over and you can remove the tablecloth. A placemat, on the other hand, is small and can easily be replaced on your table and cleaned right away, so you have a pristine table throughout your meal and no stains to deal with later.

Placemats can even take their protective superpowers a step or two further. They can be heat- or water- resistant, which is wonderful if you have a wooden table. Some even come with little suction cups or other adhesives that enable them to stick harmlessly to surfaces – making them pretty much toddler resistant too!

The moral of this story is that placemats will be forever revered for their versatile, beautiful and protective qualities. To add a pleasing look to your table and make your life a little easier, feel free to visit the online kitchenware catalog to peruse a delightful selection of affordable placemats at your leisure.