Always Cooking Up Something Good at Houseware Warehouse!

Houseware Warehouse is that one-stop, online wholesale shop for everything you can possibly imagine for your kitchen. There are restaurant and catering supplies; and you can find barware, spices and flavorings and nifty new products like the two-piece colander and bowl set or the microwavable bowl holder that is shaped like a bowl so you can safely remove bowls from your microwave without burning your fingers and even hold hot bowls in your lap!

Houseware Warehouse has all the latest and greatest kitchen items from graters and zesters, to mandolins and juicers and fruit and vegetable tools and storage items; and all the tried and true traditional kitchen supplies from stock pots, to roasting pans, pressure cookers, skillets, grills, griddles, casserole dishes and cast iron pans.

Go decorative with a marble dish drying mat or with other stylish kitchen accessories including burner covers, coasters, placemats, cutting boards and cheese boards, and whimsical wine holders and salt and pepper shakers.

Make pasta with a pasta machine, pasta drying rack, color changing pasta timer, ravioli or spaetzle maker. Perfect pizza with your own pizza paddle, pizza roller, pizza peel and pizza slicer and purchase muy bueno kitchen items like tortilla presses, taco shell holders and empanada makers!

Houseware Warehouse also has innovative kitchen accessories like the oven pull, a magnetic lid wand and a non-boil over lid; and a wide array of really hot items like our convenient stove options, such as a portable single burner or triple gas burner and stand, a folding cook station stand, a super tall stove and stand, plus popular stove accessories like hoses and splicers.

The best part (aside from the huge selection of kitchen supplies, of course) is that all the Houseware Warehouse kitchen items are quality products at affordable prices; and don’t forget to check the Closeout section within the online Houseware Warehouse catalog for even bigger deals!

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