A Cut Above

Houseware Warehouse – A Cut Above

Good chefs know that a well-stocked kitchen has a wide array of knives – each for performing a different task…

Chef’s knife – has a broad blade that curves upward to rock for fine mincing and is used for everything from chopping to slicing.

Cleaver – uses its weight to cut through tough food with a chopping motion

Carving and slicing knives – are thinner than chef’s knives, with long blades and pointed tips for clean cuts

Serrated edge – especially useful for cutting soft products with hard crusts or tough skin, such as bread, sausage or tomatoes

Straight edge – is for cutting raw meat, is useful for making precise cuts and should be kept razor sharp for optimal performance

Granton edge or Kullenschiff – has hollowed groves on the sides of the blade that fill with fat and juices which allows for thin, even cuts without tearing or shredding meat

Pairing/boning – used to remove meat from bones and for other detained cutting jobs

Narrow boning knives – are used for cutting through bone and cartilage on ribs or chops

Wide boning knives – are used for chicken or pork

No matter what your kitchen chopping chore, Houseware Warehouse has the cutlery to meet your culinary needs. Aside from the finest in slicing and dicing, Houseware Warehouse offers everything from bakeware, to cookware, electric appliances and spices and flavorings. From the finest bamboo cutting boards, to the latest in cast iron technology, to beautifully decorative ceramics…you name it. Large, varied inventory; fast, reliable shipping; and the most cost effective pricing in the industry make Houseware Warehouse the go-to kitchen product supplier. Based in Edgewater, Florida, Houseware Warehouse is America’s leading kitchen supply wholesaler.