Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of guy or gal? Well, it doesn’t really matter if we are talking glass storage jars, because glass storage jars are always great for storing your dry goods!

First, let’s talk safety. The bottom line is that glass is just plain safer than plastic. Plastic is porous and full of toxic chemicals. The chemicals from plastic storage containers can seep into your food, and no one wants that! Conversely, glass storage containers are all natural material without harmful chemicals that can bleed into your food.

Glass storage jars are also cleaner than plastic because they are not porous. With glass, germs cannot leak into your food, nor will smells. Glass storage containers will keep food fresh and untainted.

Glass storage jars are also eco-friendly. Glass products can be used forever, and even if they are broken, they can be cost-effectively recycled without compromising their quality. Plastic is our main source of solid pollution, and can also emit toxic chemicals into our air. Can I get a “yuck”?

And, as we say about our government, it is better to be transparent. You can see what is inside glass storage containers, unlike murky plastic ones. This is great for food management and keeping your grocery list up to date.

Ok, so it’s not nice to be superficial, but you have to admit that glass containers are also prettier than plastic. Plastic storage containers can become stained or dry out and become brittle. After years and years of use, glass will still look brand new. Glass storage containers are so attractive that they are often used as decorative accessories in kitchens – with colored and pretty shaped pastas or baking items like flour, sugar, sprinkles and such.

Plus, glass holds heat better, while plastic can warp and melt…and like with the Wicked Witch of the West, we all know that story doesn’t end well.