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Bag Sealer Sticks
Info  Product ID:  KIX026
Fold Over The Top Of The Plastic Bag. Push The Nodule-End Into The Loop Of The Fold. Then Slide The Stick Along So It Slides Across The Entire Length Of The Crease, Creating A Seal That Can Stand Up To Vigorous Shaking. Pack of 4 In 2 Different Lengths. Bagged. (OUT OF STOCK)
Bottle Pourers
Info  Product ID:  FR037
Set Of 2 Stainless Steel Bottle Pourers. Carded.
Collapsible Produce Keeper
Info  Product ID:  PG021
Prepworks Collapsible Produce Keeper. Vent And Reservoir Create An Ideal Environment For Keeping Fruits And Vegetables Fresh Longer. Fits In Most Produce Drawers. Vent Adjusts For Proper Airflow. Rinse Produce Directly In The Container. Water Reservoir Keeps Produce Fresh. 4 Qt. Capacity.
Measuring Cup Set
Info  Product ID:  FR841
Set Of 4 Plastic Measuring Cups. 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/4 Cup and 1/8 Cup. Dishwasher Safe.(4842)
Travel Bottles 3 Piece Set
Info  Product ID:  SYK4791
3 Piece Travel Bottles Set Includes 1 Spray Bottle And 2 Pour Bottles 40 ML/1.35 Ounces Each. Complies With The Airline Carry On Regulations For Liquids.
Joie Slotted Spoon
Info  Product ID:  MCX323
Joie Nylon Slotted Spoon Is Safe For All Cookware Surfaces
Prepara Trio Three Blade Peeler
Info  Product ID:  PRX008
Why clutter your gadget drawer with multiple peelers when you only need one? The Prepara trio three blade allows you to select from 3 different blades depending on the job at hand. Peel hard vegetables, soft fruits or julienne carrots and cucumbers with one tool.
Prepara Dressing Whiz
Info  Product ID:  PRX016
The effortless way to make and serve homemade salad dressings. With a push of a button, the aerating propeller quickly and quietly blends your dressing, even right at the table. Great for making marinades, or just to give your store bought dressing a more thorough blending. It’s perfect for making all types of dressings - from Italian to homemade buttermilk ranch - and ideal for emulsifying and serving simple vinaigrettes that separate easily.
Spud Peeler
Info  Product ID:  MCX475
Spud Peeler (Display 30 pc)
Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder
Info  Product ID:  PRX014
Multi-position cookbook holder fits all cookbook and magazine sizes as well as tablet PCs and e-readers. Crystal clear splatter guard protects your paper or electronic cookbooks. Lazy susan swivel base helps position your books. Weights and measures conversion tray pulls out of the base for maximum convenience. The chef's center also folds flat for easy storage. Comes in black or white.

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